Sell your properties with us

Sell your properties with us

You Hire us to Outperform
Market Data & Trends
We help you to interpret and understand
the local market data and market trends.
Clear Goals
Together, we set clear goals and
detailed steps of how to achieve them.
Premium Marketing
Our world class marketing specialists will
make your property stands out and shine.
60 Mins Open Home
We allocate a minimum 60 mins session for
each open home, to maximise opportunities.
Outstanding Result
Beyond expectation result is equally
important for you and us. It is not negotiable.
Peace of Mind Process
Apart from your signatures,
we will take care of all.
The Steps to Sell Your Property



Sale Method

Contract Ready


Open Homes

Offers / Auction

Contract Exchanged


Seller Partnership Pricing
Sales Commission
Dedicated Agent
Property Appraisal
Initial Inspection & Condition Report
Premium Advertising on cost
Upgrade on Premiere Advertising
Email to Dream LOT Client Database
Professional Copy Writing
Professional Photography$500
Professional Floorplan$150
Professional Virtual Furnishing$300
Professional Virtual Walk Through$500
Advertising Sign Board$500
Premium Advertising on Traditional Mediaper cost
Premium Advertising on Social Mediaper cost
Print Brochuresper cost
Brochure Mail Dropper cost
Property Stylingper cost
Marketing Eventper cost
Daily Open Homes
Weekend Open Homes
60 Mins Open Home Session
Private Inspections
Open Home Report
Sales Agreement
Express of Interest Report
Offer Report
Auction Preparation & Registration
Exchange Contract
Holding Deposit
Settlement Admin
Auctioneer for Auctionper cost
Property Health Checkper cost
Professional Building Reportper cost
Professional Cleaningper cost
Professional Pest Controlper cost
Fire Alarm Checkper cost
Pool Compliance Certificateper cost
Agent Service by Request$100 / hour

Seller FAQ


Why are you thinking about it?

Do you must sell it now? Or you may have other options?

What do you think about the current property market conditions?

What do you think of your current property value?

The costs associate with the sale process.



Yes, you can DIY if you have the following qualities:

Right Pricing: deep understanding of the property market conditions

Right Marketing: professional grade

Right Process: from listing to open home inspections, from price offer to settlement, you will need to understand and execute every little details in between

Right Mentality: what happens if things are not going well?



No one can perfectly time the market, not us, not economists, not banks, not governments, not medias, not your family or friends, etc.

General rule:

SELL: if you must sell, regardless of the market

SELL: if you want to sell, when the market is warm/hot

HOLD: if you want to sell, but you don’t need to sell, when the market is in its correction period

UNDERSTAND: the different market cycles and realistic expectations



Can other agents provide you extensive insight knowledge of the market in general?

Can other agents provide you realistic market expectations?

Can other agents honestly suggest you HOLD instead of sale for your own benefits?

Can other agents assist you to set clear goals based on your situation, instead of focusing on their listing (your business)?

Can other agents provide you a comprehensive premium marketing plan, instead of just list all the expensive costs?

Can other agents provide you FREE unlimited upgrades on REA’s premier advertising?

Can other agents do 60 mins open home inspection session, instead of rushing through for only 15 – 30 mins?

Can other agents quickly adjust & adapt the marketing strategy to meet the market, even when these decisions may against the agents’ own interest?

Can other agents take responsibilities instead of excuses & blames on everything else?

You should have the answer by now, contact us.



No, we cannot

For an average $1M property, 0.5% commission discount = $5,000

Your result is way excelled beyond $5,000, and it is more important for you and us to deliver it



No, we do not

We break down the marketing costs into specific items, and you are paying the pure cost of each item



STEP 1: initial consultation (free, no obligation)

STEP 2: property inspection & valuation report

STEP 3: sale method & marketing plan

STEP 4: sign agency agreement



No, you must hire a legal professional (solicitor) to act on your behalf.

We must receive your contract of sale from your legal professional before we launch our marketing campaign.



Generally, we request for 42 days settlement term.

Occasionally, purchaser may request longer settlement term that allows them to have sufficient time to boo the settlement date with their financial institution.



Premier listing on (REA)

Your property listing will stay on top of the search in your area

Unlimited free upgrade to Premier listing

Email to Dream LOT client database

Professional copy writing

Professional photography

Professional floor plan

Professional virtual furnishing

Professional virtual walk through

Advertising sign board in front of your property (when applicable)

Advertising on traditional media

Advertising on social media

Printed brochures

Brochure mail drop

Property styling

Special marking event



We do not make any profit out of your marketing campaign.

We charge each marketing item as per its pure cost.

As most marketing items are charged by third party, therefore the costs may vary from time to time, REA also charges different rates to different areas at time of purchase.

During our initial consultation with you, we will break down the marketing costs into specific items, and you can add or remove any of them to meet your budget.


Premier listing on REA: $2,000 – $3,500

Other items: Dream LOT Seller Pricing


We prefer REA as it has a larger market share and attracts more prospects to our listings.

To list your property on REA is slightly more expensive than Domain.



Yes, we need you to pay the marketing costs prior to the start of your marketing campaign, as most marketing items are charged by third party.



Yes, you can.

We can list your property as the Off-Market opportunity, and promote your property through our own client database, organise private inspections.

However, this method generally works during a booming property market.



Yes, you can.

During our initial consultation with you, we will break down the marketing costs into specific items, and you can add or remove any of them to meet your budget.



Yes, you can.

However, we do have specific requirements with our marketing assets, it is easier, cheaper, and more productive to hire our recommended professionals.



Any experienced agent understands how marketing works when selling your property, that is why they may either quote for a lower cost to attract your listing with them, or a higher cost to make profit out of your marketing fees.

We present you a full marketing plan that will provide your listing the best probability of public exposures, more enquires, better open homes, higher offers, and eventually an outstanding result.



When your property is vacant:

Standard: twice per week

Private Inspections: as many as practical


When your property is tenanted:

Standard: minimum once per week

Private Inspections: subject to tenants’ cooperation



We allocate a minimum 60 mins session for each open home.



With right marketing plan and pricing, within a couple weeks of the marketing campaign, we should at least expect a lot of feedbacks from the market to validate whether we are doing the right thing, and result will follow.

If we are not getting a positive result by the first 4 weeks of the marketing campaign, then we will have to adjust quickly to meet the market.



You / Tenants: make sure the property is clean and tidy.

Dream LOT: we arrive at least 15 mins prior to each open home, to make sure the property is presentable & attractive in every aspect.



We send you the Open Home report within 48 hours of each inspection, with all the necessary details.



We use digital signature platform, 100% paperless and easy to tract & store.



Yes, you can.

However, sometimes your legal professional (solicitor) may prefer the traditional signing process.



This is between you and your legal professional (solicitor), once they happy with your ID verification, we can assist you to sign electronically.



Whenever we are awake, we are reachable.

We aim for instant service, with guarantee 6hr response during working hours, 12hr for after hours.

Our average response time is within 2 hours.



Refuse entry.

No one should walk through your property without the company of a licensed agent (us).

Contact us immediately, and we will arrange an alternative inspection time with the prospect.


Maximise your result
with a free propery appraisal
Thank You!

Our service team will contact you to assist you further!