4 Insider Airbnb Host Strategies Landlords Can Use for Rental Properties

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Airbnb hosts generally spend a great deal of time and energy on creating top-of-the-line experiences for guests staying at their rental properties. By studying Airbnb hosts’ tactics for delivering outstanding guest experiences, landlords can learn how to level the playing field and stay in demand in highly competitive markets. Implementing their tactics will help you establish a good reputation as a landlord, keep your occupancy rate high, and minimise tenant turnover rates.

Ensuring superb tenant experiences and offering a few unexpected extras will make all the difference in terms of raising the profitability of your rental properties.

Post Accurate Listings

Let’s start off with the listings you publish for your rental properties. We advise that you aim to make them as honest and accurate as possible, so as to avoid any disappointments and misunderstandings. Word gets around rather quickly in this industry, so if the rental details and pictures in your listings are faithful to the actual property, your potential tenants are bound to hear about it at some point.

If an appliance or a certain feature isn’t working, be sure to specify it in your description and offer a discount, which is another strategy Airbnb hosts utilise for their rental properties. This will help to manage tenants’ expectations effectively.

Provide Your Tenants with Move-In Packages

By offering move-in packages to tenants, landlords set the tone for a long-lasting and healthy relationship, which helps keep rental properties occupied. A welcome or move-in package usually comes in the form of a box or basket containing information about the property, places of interest in the city that tenants might like to visit, nearby restaurants, simple items that would make their stay at your rental properties convenient, and some basic necessities and goodies to help them get settled in.

Excellent Tenant Support

The most profitable Airbnb rental properties are owned by hosts who make it easy and convenient for tenants to contact them. They typically have high response rates of 90 percent and above. In order to emulate this, you can do the following:

  • Utilise a free landlord app to help you manage your rental properties more efficiently. This includes managing payments, repairs, documents, and other tenant requests
  • When a good tenant advises that they’ll be moving out, ask them to leave a review for you on your listings and on Google Maps. It’s a well-known fact that majority of potential tenants these days tend to search for reviews on rental properties before sending out an enquiry or making a decision. So if you have a number of dazzling reviews on your property, that can also factor heavily into a prospect’s decision to sign a long-term lease contract with you
  • Be responsive to enquiries and prospects who request viewings of your rental properties. It’s important to show prospects that you value their time and overall experience from the beginning

Offer Concierge or Add-On Services to Tenants

You can also further enhance your tenants’ experiences by providing additional services designed to make their lives easier while staying at your rental properties. This is especially helpful to those whose jobs are quite demanding and, thus, have little time to spare for household tasks. You can offer add-on services, such as laundry services, cleaning services, grocery deliveries, restaurant reservations, and booking transportation for them.



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